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Telecom Expense Management, Mobile Device Management, and Carrier Services Blog

On October 1st Verizon Wireless announced: Customers Can Change Calling Plans Without Extending Contracts; New Policy Now Part of Industry Leading Worry Free Guarantee On October 16th AT&T announced: Beginning in November, customers who change to any one of the company’s standard wireless calling plans during the course of their contract will no longer be required to extend their current Read More
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#1 Do you believe your invoices are accurate? You’d probably agree a telecom invoice is one of the least understood invoices a business receives. Many credible sources report that telecom invoices are wrong 3-15% of the time and 85-90% of the time it favors the carriers, meaning they over billed you. Using Telecom Expense Management Software will ensure you pay Read More
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Many companies have one toll free carrier and that carrier maintains Resp Org (responsible organization) for the companies toll free numbers. However you don’t need to be a carrier to become a Resp Org, in fact with the many benefits of disaster recovery, enhanced routing and lowering your costs we would suggest any company with a call center or significant Read More
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Stuck in a cell phone contract? Well Trade My Cellular has come up a with a unique solution to help consumers get out of cell phone contracts. The concept is fairly simple. Since wireless providers let you transfer the liability of an account Trade My Cellular has set up a web site to connect you to someone who might take Read More
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Many companies call us asking for help after they’ve reviewed their invoice and found several thousand dollars of international roaming charges, both for voice and more and more lately data. Sometimes we can use our years of experience to get a one time credit or get charges reduced but to truly lower costs enterprises should plan ahead. Here are the Read More
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