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Telecom Expense Management, Mobile Device Management, and Carrier Services Blog

After the horrific firestorm this week many companies, including us at Vocio, are reviewing their Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery (BCDR) plans. For a look at how some San Diego businesses dealt with the fires check out this article from eWeek. Also if you’re looking for ways to provide BCDR for your enterprise voice services check out the presentation here. Read More
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The one bright spot during the firestorm here in San Diego was the Reverse 911 system that the County of San Diego and Sheriffs department had implemented in 2005 and which the City of San Diego had implemented weeks earlier. Those systems combined to put warning or evacuation calls out to 594,711 households during the wildfires, including one to our Read More
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I was doing some research to see what, if any, blogs or podcasts covered Telecom Expense Management. The search turned up very little so I’m launching this blog in an attempt to provide information about TEM in general, and more specifically, the TEM services of Vocio. I did manage to find a few podcasts relating to Telecom Expense Management as Read More
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