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A while back I wrote an article entitled “Did TEM Software Kill the Manual Telecom Audit?”. I received several comments from long established manual auditors Peter Eisenhut and Denise Munro, both of whom I respect for their knowledge and long standing careers in the telecom auditing worlds. Both Peter and Denise didn’t think the manual telecom audit was on its Read More
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I received a newsletter today from CCMI that contained some good advice for companies looking to select a telecom auditor or telecom auditing firm. Why you might want to select a TEM provider with auditing capabilities over a telecom auditor or telecom auditing firm will be discussed another day. In addition to providing some good advice on selecting a telecom Read More
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No doubt you’ve heard the buzz word “Cloud” services. So it’s time to throw away your servers and move all of your applications to a virtual data center environment right? There is currently a paradigm shift occuring in the IT world, and to a lesser extent in the telecom world, and it goes by many names, such as “Cloud Computing”, “Software Read More
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I was thumbing through this months CIO Magazine and came across an editorial from CEO Michael Friedenberg about Hadoo and managing “Big Data”. In the editorial Michael states “In 2011, our global output of data was estimated at 1.8 Zettabytes (each zetrabyte equals 1 billion terabytes). Even more staggering is the widely quoted estimate that 90 percent of the data Read More
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Despite the maturity of TEM software, increased adoption among enterprises, and the substantial savings being attained by those that have implemented the software, many corporate decision makers are still skeptical about the value proposition and return on investment (ROI) forNew Jersey Telecom Audit implementing Telecom Expense Management Software. Seems they may doubt the savings being achieved, and they may think Read More
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