Telecom Consulting "Best Practices"

#1 Have Vocio complete a Telecom Audit

#2 Implement Telecom Expense Management Software

#3 Optimize Devices with Wireless Expense Management


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Vocio Telecom Consulting

Implementing "Best Practices" gets the "Best Results"

For the past ten years Vocio has helped over one hundred small, medium, and Fortune 500 enterprises better manage their telecom and mobile environments by helping them implement¬† solutions to “Track and Manage” expenses and inventory. These solutions inlcude:

Telecom Consulting - A Track Record of Success

There are a lot of consultants that will make promises to save money, but the list narrows very quickly when you add the following requirements:

  • A ten year track record of delivering an average reduction in telecom and mobility monthly costs of 20%, typically within 90 days.
  • A reference list of well known companies you can speak with that have saved a minimum of 20% on monthly telecom and mobile expenses, and have been Vocio clients for at least five years.

We deliver results to our clients by employing a methodology which has been delivering results for over ten years. Our clients have averaged a savings of over 20%, typically within 90 days of our engagement. Our methodology includes industry best practices for lowering expenses, evaluating technology that improves efficiencies and productivity, and is focused on delivering results.

Telecom Consulting - Legacy and Next Generation Services

You receive telecom consulting by experienced professionals that are knowledgeable on all aspects of TDM/SIP/VoIP Voice, MPLS/Ethernet/Wavelength Data, T1/DS3/Ethernet Internet connectivity, and both 3G/4G Mobility and Fixed Wireless. Vocio Telecom Consultants are well versed on both legacy and next generation services. Our focus is on delivering value and creating a long term relationships with our clients.