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I was thumbing through this months CIO Magazine and came across an editorial from CEO Michael Friedenberg about Hadoo and managing “Big Data”. In the editorial Michael states “In 2011, our global output of data was estimated at 1.8 Zettabytes (each zetrabyte equals 1 billion terabytes). Even more staggering is the widely quoted estimate that 90 percent of the data in the world was created within the past two years”.

As a Telecom Consultant I spend quite a bit of time designing enterprise MPLS networks and implementing big 100MB to 1GB Internet pipes, but despite my daily immersion with data I’m still in awe of his comment, that’s a lot of data created, in a very short time. If 90% of the data was created within the past two years, and clearly many companies are struggling to manage/transfer the data today, what may be in store for the future?

Many enterprises have company owned data centers with access to several carriers that can provide big Internet pipes, and many others contract with co-location/hosting facilities with similar capacity, but some enterprises needing big pipes aren’t so lucky, and they’re finding it tough, if not impossible, to meet demand due to a lack of fiber access.

We recently worked with a large university in rural Mississippi that was challenged with increasing bandwidth to meet demand. The LEC had limited facilities in the area and a fiber build was cost prohibitive, our search for an alternative solution came up empty. This led to the university having to limit Internet service to students and faculty. Clearly when the university was founded a hundred years ago the rural location wasn’t a disadvantage, but now that big data has become critical, their location has severely limited their Internet bandwidth.

With access to big pipes only forecast to grow, enterprise IT staff should work with the Facilities staff to ensure future sites have fiber, coax, or other types of high bandwidth access. In many cases landlords, knowing fiber access is key to leasing a building, will advertise it, but in other cases there may be no way to know other than to contact all known carriers.

Another option would be to use Vocio’s Carrier Ethernet and Fiber Locater Service. We have access to over 200+ carriers and we can help you quickly determine whether a building is lit, or if a fiber build is required, and if a build is required we can provide the costs. We can also provide competitive quotes for service at given location. Many times there are several carriers that can provide access, and many enterprises are only aware of the areas Big Name carrier, which can sometimes cost two to three times more for the same bandwidth as a smaller, lesser known provider.

With “Big Data” forecast to grow and grow, the demand for bigger and bigger pipes will grow. In coming years it will be interesting to see what solutions are developed to manage these ungodly amounts of data, particularly across the public Internet and private WAN/Cloud.

If you’d like more information on Vocio’s Carrier Ethernet and Fiber Locater Service give us a call at 888-200-8647.

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