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Cloud or Hosted PBX - IVR - ACD

- Reduce Capital Expenditures, "Pay As You Grow"

- Quickly scale applications, capacity on demand

- Increase application performance and reliability

Cloud Based PBX - IVR - ACD

Cloud, Just a Buzz Word?

The cloud is all the rage these days, but those familiar with networks know the term "Cloud" is just a buzz word created by marketing folks and trade magazines, it has no real definition. Which means the onus is on the IT/Telecom manager to research and evaluate the providers of cloud based services, and to determine if they're more beneficial than purchasing a premise-based PBX, IVR, ACD, or Predictive Dialer.

Since cloud is really a generic term for applications or services provided by equipment located off-site, and which would have generally been provided by on-site premise based equipment, it's imperative that those evaluating cloud services understand the underlying infrastructure prior to making any decisions to migrate mission critical applications to cloud based services.

Researching the underlying network is the key to success

With the right research, an extended pilot program of the app, and an understanding of the cloud providers business continuity and disaster recovery plans, cloud based services can offer many benefits.

So what can the cloud do for you?

  • Eliminate capital expenses by migrating to a "Pay as you Grow" operating expense model
  • Pilot and trial applications, then quickly scale the applications as demand increases
  • Provide high availability and redundant, geographically diverse facilities

Cloud Based PBX

Many SMB's use Hosted or Cloud Based PBX's as a replacement or alternative to premise based phone systems. SMB's can eliminate the need for IT or Telecom staff since the hosted phone system can be managed by anyone via an online portal. It also affords SMB's with the ability to gain access to features only found in large, expensive, enterprise class phone systems.

Many large enterprise and governments have also adopted Hosted or Cloud Based PBX's. They find the Total Cost of Ownership can be lower than managing numerous disparate phone systems. Also the management of the system can be centralized and it eliminates the need to send vendors out to locations for moves, adds, and changes.