Mobile Device Management: Apple iOS & Google Android takeover the Enterprise

Over the weekend I read an editorial in RCR Wireless by Xigo Chief Marketing Officer Dave Snow entitled Managing Mobility. Dave is well informed and put together a lot of good information regarding the challenges enterprises face in managing mobility. (Disclosure: Vocio is a Xigo partner, as we are with numerous mobile device management and wireless expense management providers).

It was just a couple of years ago that a mere suggestion to an enterprise mobility decision maker that the iPhone would displace the much beloved Blackberry would have gotten you laughed out of the conference room. In fairness I don’t think even Apple themselves could have anticipated the demise of Blackberry and the adoption of iOS and Android devices so rapidly.

And for many of those that thought Apple had a chance to overtake Blackberry in the enterprise space, it was thought it would be the younger generation that would psuh for the removal of the the iPhone from the enterprise “non-approved” device list, but as it turned out it was driven by senior executives, who clearly saw the vision of iPhones and iPads.

Case in point, CEO Bill McDermott of SAP, (check out Bill McDermott’s CNBC interview with Jim Cramer), he plainly states in the interview that he runs the world’s 4th largest software company in the world from an iPad.

In my 15+ year telecom career I don’t think I’ve seen such a rapid transformation. As Dave stated in his RCR Wireless article, “non-RIM smartphone share among enterprise users has grown 37% in the last 12 months”, that is a remarkable shift as that represent tens of millions of devices.

nullAnd Sara Yin’s piece this week in PC Mag entitled Smartphones at Work: Blackberries dissapear, iOS beats Andriod had more bad news for Blackberry’s in the enterprise; “More than 30 percent of BlackBerry users in large enterprises (10,000+ employees) plan to switch platforms within the next year, according to a Wednesday (October 20, 2011) report from Enterprise Management Associates (EMA)” and, “Lots of dissatisfaction. Only 16 percent were completely satisfied with their BlackBerries, compared to 44 percent of iPhone users.” Not sure if this was pre/post Blackberry’s latest outage, so it could be an greater discrepancy now.

As Dave stated in the RCR editorial, “this consumerization of the workplace has happened so fast that most IT departments are now playing catch up”, I spend a great deal of my time with enterprise decision makers focused on exactly that issue, helping them find solutions to secure the many new iOS and Android devices that have grown so quickly in their enterprises the past year.

With CEO’s like Bill McDermott making iPads and iPhones “THE” enterprise device, it’s companies like Xigo, eMobus, Trellia, and numerous others, which have built the neccessary platforms to manage and secure these devices in the enterprise, that will be tasked with getting IT Departments “caught up” and back in control.

Where there’s change, there’s always opportunity, although the best opportunity may have been to short RIM stock in January, it’s down 60% for the year.

Next up? The fight for dominance, iOS or Android?
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