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Wireless Expense Management

#1 Optimize rate plans better than carriers
#2 Get real time usage alerts on device
#3 Bring your own Device (BYOD) Solutions


Wireless Expense Management terms

Blackberry's, iOS and Androids, so many devices, so little time. Update inventory, upgrade devices, swap ESN's, return merchandise, optimize wireless plans, audit international roaming costs, allocate expenses. Sound familiar?

Benchmark Costs and Create an Inventory

Effective wireless management starts with benchmarking costs and establishing an accurate inventory. This is true whether employees individually pay for their services or if you have a corporate plan.

Optimize Services - Pooling and Rate Plans

Once costs are benchmarked and an inventory of devices is completed you can utilize the software to begin the process of optimizing rate and pooling plans, synchronizing contract dates, evaluating which devices are available to be upgraded. A wireless optimization lowers costs by an average of 20%.

Procure Devices and Track ESN Swaps, RMA's, and MACD's

During the process of implementing the cost reduction strategies, which take on average two billing cycles to complete, you will have access to the Telecom and Wireless Tracker 2.0 to add phones, swap ESN's, track RMA's (return merchandise authorization), audit and validate charges, and generally manage all aspects of wireless.

Wireless Expense Management and Mobile Device Management Screenshots


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