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Why a Vocio Telecom Audit?

#1 We pioneered the automation of Telecom Auditing
#2 Have recovered millions in credits and refunds
#3 And we offer a simple Quick Telecom Audit

Telecom Audit and Telecom Auditing

Automating the Telecom Audit

Vocio has created software to quickly and accurately audit telecom invoices. Our methodology is the result of utilizing the latest software and OCR technology combined with time tested telecomauditing "best practices". By combining the latest technology, along with industry "best practices", we're able to quickly and accurately find billing errors, out of date inventory, incorrectly applied tariff's and numerous other mistakes on carrier invoices.

Telecom Audit Methodology

Using the latest technology and software is only part of the telecom audit process. Our methodology combines the latest technology with an experienced team of telecom auditors who review and analyze all of the invoice, contract and CSR (customer service record) data. This results in a comprehensive telecom audit which includes:

  • A validated inventory of all telecom and wireless services, in addition a site survey may be required to physically validate circuits or trunks
  • Evaluation of existing contracts. We benchmark your contracted pricing to ensure all network costs are in line with current tariff's, promotions for like sized enterprises

No Out-of-Pocket Costs

All Vocio telecom audits are completed on a contingency basis. You are invoiced a percentage of savings only after you have realized the savings. With millions of dollars recovered over the past ten years a Vocio telecom audit is a great way to recover dollars in your telecom or mobile expense budget.

Have Questions?

Have questions about our telecom audits? Give us a call at 888-200-8647 or contact us.


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