Telecom Contract Negotiation

- Inside knowledge of carrier pricing and tariff's
- Negotiate favorable SLA's, Terms and Conditions
- Learn the secrets the Carrier Reps won't tell you

Learn the Secrets the Carrier Reps won't tell you

Telecom Contract Negotiation

Knowledge is Power. There is no truer statement when discussing the secrets to negotiating telecom and wireless contracts. Many compare the process of negotiating telecom and wireless contracts to the purchase of a vehicle pre-Internet. Prior to the Internet there were only a few insiders with the true cost of vehicles and they closely guarded that information, and for good reason. Their goal was to keep "you", the consumer, as uninformed as possible, that way they could sell the car at the highest possible margin.

Your challenge in negotiating a telecom or wireless contract is to get the inside knowledge as to what the best terms, rates, SLA's, clauses, and discounts are available. You can do this by hiring a consultant that has the inside knowledge. The consultant can attend your carrier negotiation meetings in person, or you can have them work behind the scenes by educating you on what questions to ask.

What are some of the secrets?

How about understanding the discount approval process. Not unlike the car salesman that has to "discuss this offer with his manager", all carriers have discounts that can be approved by different levels of management. If these persons are not involved in negotiations than you may be leaving money on the table. Some of the folks that can offer additional discounts are:

  • Sales Manager's
  • Director's
  • VP's

Depending on the committed usage, length of term and type of service these additional discounts can be significant. They apply to:

  • Local - Measured Business Lines, Trunks, PRI's
  • Long Distance - Toll Free, ANI Delivery, Account Codes
  • Internet - Ethernet, T-1, DS-3 or OC level services
  • Data Networks - MPLS, Frame Relay, Point to Point, VPN
  • Calling Cards
  • Conferencing

For more secrets such as:

  • Which contract clauses give you the most protection
  • How to avoid a commitment shortfall
  • Which services to bundle and which to keep separate

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